Birdies for Charity

Dear Friends,

We are facing many challenges with all that is affecting our world and our everyday lives. While the German American Heritage Center is physically closed, we are still here. We are maintaining our incredible, historic structure. We are diligently creating new services for when we re-open. We have been putting our offerings online so that we can still reach you and reach new audiences. We are sharing the stories of the Power Frauen, women who shaped our world, despite extreme obstacles. We are sharing the collections we hold, donated by you, with their unique stories and beauty. We are sharing the German Immigrant Experience, with tales of our ancestors, who overcame so much to create lives here in America.

Though we long for the days of normalcy to return, we are certain that once they do, we will be here. We will present excellent programs and events for us to gather, learn, and share camaraderie. We will once again be near to share experiences and come together in celebration of our shared culture.

During this time of upheaval and uncertainty, we come to you for our Birdies for Charity campaign. This yearly giving opportunity helps us provide 30% of our services. This year during Birdies for Charity, we will still receive matching funds for your generous donations. Each year the John Deere Classic shares its profits by delivering a bonus check between 5% and 10% of the total raised for the charity. Last year, the GAHC was fortunate to raise $572,739.83 plus a 7.25% bonus of $41,523.64! The majority of this has gone into our endowment account to create a lasting legacy. The classic covers all administrative costs. This allows our small nonprofit to benefit even more from the donations received during this drive. 100% of every pledge collected for the Center goes directly to us! Simply fill out a pledge card with your information and pledge amount. Pledges need to be at least one penny per birdie, or can be a one-time flat donation. You will be able to guess the number of birdies recorded during the John Deere Classic for your chance to win a car or other prizes! Please send your form to GAHC no later than Friday, July 3.

Birdies for Charity is one of our most important funding sources and one of the most impactful donations you can make. We look forward to what we can accomplish together!

You can donate to Birdies for Charity online here or by clicking the button below!


Kelly Lao
Executive Director