Birdies for Charity

Dear Friends,

The German American Heritage Center has become an essential cultural institution in our city, county, state, and country. We have the dedication and support of members like you to thank for this. You see something special in our mission to preserve and enrich for present and future generations knowledge of the German immigrant experience and its impact on the American Culture. You see something worth sharing with students, community members, friends, and family. Because you value our work to preserve a restored immigrant hotel where culture, history, and the arts tell the story of German immigration, we have been able to survive difficult circumstances.

The GAHC Board of Directors and staff are grateful for your help in our survival and perseverance. We recognize our members are the life of the organization, giving us purpose and serving as a pillar to the work we accomplish. Together, we ask you to continue your support through our biggest and most impactful fundraiser of the year, Birdies for Charity.

Each year the John Deere Classic shares its profits by delivering a bonus check between 5% and 10% of the total raised for the charity. 100% of every pledge collected for GAHC goes directly to us. Simply fill out a pledge card with your information and donation amount. This year pledges must be a one-time flat donation. You will still be able to guess the number of birdies recorded during the John Deere Classic for your chance to win a car or other prizes. Please send your form to GAHC no later than Monday, June 14.

We look forward to growing our mission throughout the community and beyond with new adaptations and resolve. We are not just a museum, but a source of education and enjoyment for generations of families and friends. Thank you for believing in us and inspiring our development into a world-class Center.

You can donate to Birdies for Charity online here and searching our name or Bird #1002 or by clicking the button below!


Kelly Lao
Executive Director