The German Immigrant Experience

Enjoy an interactive experience as you learn about immigrants’ journey by sea, train and foot, to their final destination at the museum’s building, which was originally a very busy hotel for thousands of immigrants in the 1860s.


The History We Hold: Highlights From the GAHC Collection

From accordions to zithers, the GAHC’s collection is varied and growing. It is from these objects that lessons from our ancestors are learned. With the memories they contain, artifacts offer a window into the past. They bring history into the present in a way that we can see, hold, and interact with. Artifacts can tell […]


Valor & Victory Gardens: WWII in the Hawkeye State

WWII was a global conflict that forever altered society and touched the lives of people around the world, including right here in Iowa. The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII. With this exhibit we remember and commemorate that momentous occasion. Through local headlines, personal letters, and historic artifacts, we will […]