The German American Heritage Center will work closely with teachers to offer programs that work best for your classroom curriculum. Our exhibits and program offer a wide variety of cross-curriculum themes that are not only educational, but enjoyable for students as well.  We maintain a limited amount of genealogical information.

Local History

Rock Island County Historical Society
includes a research library, databases, and museums.

Rock Island County Genealogical Society
The society has online resources on the site as well as hard copy library that is hosted at the Rock Island County Historical Society building.

Rock Island Arsenal Historical Society
The society’s goal is to support the programs of its museum and the museum’s mission to illustrate Arsenal Island history; its local and national contributions and impacts; and its activities in war and peace.

Scott County Historic Preservation Society
is committed to the cause of historic preservation in Scott County, Iowa.

Gold Coast and Hamburg Historic District, Davenport
Dedicated to preserving the built heritage of Davenport’s First Neighborhood. Additionally, they collect its histories providing context and understanding of the great importance of this district.

Upper Mississippi Valley Photo Archive
an online digital collection of historic images showcasing the Mississippi River Region along the Iowa/Illinois border.


Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center
and Scott County Genealogical Society (SCIGS)
located in the basement of the Davenport Public Library, this collections includes free local databases, books, maps, manuscripts, and photographs.

Family History Center, Davenport, IA
A facility of the LDS Church, the center holds many records both on-site and available through interlibrary loans that are of great importance to genealogists.

IAGenWebProject – Scott County
a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county of Iowa.

LeClaire Township Genealogical and Historical Society
Their objective is to collect, preserve and display items of historical value relating to LeClaire Township, to collect historical material of all kinds, and to promote and disseminate historical information.

German Immigration

German Immigration (Library of Congress)
An online resource for teachers includes an overview of the unique German immigrant story, their growth and influence in the United States. German were one of the first Europeans to immigrate to the New World.

World Affairs Council of the Quad Citiesa non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization with a mission to foster global education and international understanding within the Quad Cities and beyond.  The organization is affiliated with the World Affairs Council of America and was established in 1969.  In order to achieve our mission, we host a program on the fourth Tuesday of every month from September through May.On Germany

Facts about Germany
A fun and in depth look into Germany today. From lifestyle, society, culture, economy to the environment this website offers a wealth of information and photos to explore.

Germany beats out USA in most popular nation poll.
This website brings together all German TV stations onto one streaming portal, so people from all over the world can access Germany’s television – news of the day, discussion panels, sports broadcasts, entertainment and a wide range of fictional dramas, soaps, sitcoms and more. It is a great way for your members to get an insight into contemporary German life, hear spoken German and brush up their own comprehension skills.

Germans in Namibia
Namibia has one of the largest German speaking populations outside of Europe. The paper offers a wonderful daily edition in German.

The German Mission to the United Nations

German Language Newspapers

Der Demokrat – Davenport Iowa’s German Language Newspaper:  The Daily  and  The Weekly