The German Immigrant Experience

Enjoy an interactive experience as you learn about immigrants’ journey by sea, train and foot, to their final destination at the museum’s building, which was originally a very busy hotel for thousands of immigrants in the 1860s.


An Austrian Overture: Classical Composers Exhibit

The German American Heritage Center’s latest exhibit explores the German composers that changed the world of music. Follow the evolution of music told through German classical music composers and how their influence helped shape the musical identity and culture of the German people. From Bach to Beethoven, Mozart to Mendelssohn, each expanded the music field […]


Better than Sliced Bread: German Scientists & Inventors Exhibit

Learn more about famous inventions and discoveries by Germans and German-Americans that changed life as we know it! From Gutenberg to Geiger, jeans to sliced bread, learn about the men and women that used their minds and created new and exciting ideas and products! This exhibit will be open from June 9th- October 27th in […]