Kaiserslautern: Davenport’s German Sister City

The German American Heritage Center and Museum is excited it to share a new exhibit titled “Kaiserslautern: Davenport’s Sister City” from February 10th – May 14th! The exhibit will be located on the third floor in our temporary gallery.

Kaiserslautern is a city in Southwestern Germany in the Rheinland Pfalz and home to over 100,000 people. On June 10th, 1960, Kaiserslautern was chosen to be Davenport’s sister city. The two cities have a close resemblance in demographics, economics, and geography. Ever since the partnership between the two has been strong and has fostered many educational and cultural exchanges. Come and learn about our German counterpart from their medieval history to being a center of technology and engineering. From the forests, to castles, to soccer, and even John Deere, Kaiserslautern is a growing and dynamic city. We are proud to share their history and culture with you.