Our Neighbors, Our Friends: Unsere Nachbarn, Unsere Freunde

When the German American Heritage Center and Museum first learned of our neighbors, Tapestry Farms, we knew there were interesting connections to explore. Tapestry Farms does great work in the community that was once home to many German immigrants generations ago. Today our neighborhood is home to immigrants and refugees from around the globe. But what brings us together beyond our zip code? The idea of people bringing their skills, culture, knowledge, and ability and sharing it in a new home. German immigrants in the 1800s brought their music and culture to Iowa, but their abilities in farming and agriculture brought them the ability to support their families and grow our community. The same can be said for immigrants and refugees working with Tapestry Farms who have found a home in the QC today. Tapestry Farms helps new families to our area grow not only food, but their connections, community, and sustainable avenues of support. We hope this exhibit can help highlight the good work of our neighbors and friends, Tapestry Farms, and help visitors connect the stories and experiences of their ancestors and relatives to those of our new friends.

This exhibition aims to highlight the many connections between present immigrant and refugee experience in the community and the German immigrant population of the past of which we are so familiar.

This exhibit is included in the regular cost of admission:

FREE for Members

$5 for Adults

$4 for Seniors 60+

$3 for Children ages 5-17


Watch video interviews with local refugees on our Youtube channel.