Kinogarten: “Der Bunker”

Rozz Tox 2108 3rd Ave, Rock Island

Join the German American Heritage Center & Museum at Rozz-Tox for a special, spooky Kinogarten on October 1st at 8pm!

Every first Friday, Rozz-Tox and GAHC team up for a FREE outdoor film screening of a German language film. For October, we're screening absurdist horror-comedy "Der Bunker."

"Der Bunker" is a 2015 horror-comedy film by Nikias Chryssos. It centers around a student who rents a room in a lake side house... which turns out to be a bunker with a very strange family living in it. This film is rated R.

Rozz-Tox will be serving Oktoberfest Festbier from Marz Brewing in Chicago. Standard Rozz-Tox beverages and food also available for purchase!

This film screening is free to the public.

Screening will occur outdoors, but may move indoors due to inclement weather. Please note that masking is requiring while indoors at Rozz-Tox, Rock Island.


Oktoberfest QC

Haubarg Estate 1300 24th St, Rock Island

Join us at the Hauberg Estate on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 1 PM to 10 PM for the First Annual Oktoberfest Quad Cities! Kid's activities offered from 1 PM to 7 PM and vintage football game kickoff at 2 PM. Live music with the Guttenberg German Band begins at 5 PM and Die Musikmeisters go on at 8 PM. Food and beer will be available for purchase. Wear your best Oktoberfest finery for a chance to be crowned King & Queen of Oktoberfest QC!

Radical Warrior: August Wilich’s Journey From German Revolutionary to Union General

German American Heritage Center & Museum 712 W 2nd St, Davenport

Join us in-person at the GAHC on October 3rd at 2pm for a book talk and signing with author and historian David T. Dixon. He will discuss his new book "Radical Warrior: August Wilich's Journey from German Revoltuionary to Union General" (University of Tennessee Press, 2020). Copies will be available for purchase.

Ticket Costs:
Free for Members
$5 per person for non-Members

This program will be socially distanced. Masking is required. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the GAHC.

About the program:
Radical Warrior: August Willich’s Journey from German Revolutionary to Union General (University of Tennessee Press 2020) is the biography of a Prussian army officer who renounced his nobility and joined in the failed European revolutions of 1848. He emigrated to America, edited a daily labor newspaper in Cincinnati, and became one of the most accomplished generals in the Union Army. This story sheds new light on the contributions of 200,000 German-Americans who fought for the Union in the Civil War.
In an age of global social, economic, and political upheaval, transatlantic radicals helped affect America’s second great revolution. For many recent immigrants, the nature and implications of that revolution turned not on Lincoln’s conservative goal of maintaining the national Union, but on issues of social justice, including slavery, free labor, and popular self-government. The Civil War was not simply a war to end sectional divides, but to restore the soul of the nation, revive the hopes of democrats worldwide, and defend human rights.

About the presenter:
David Dixon earned his M.A. in history from the University of Massachusetts in 2003. His first book, The Lost Gettysburg Address, told the unusual life story of Texas slaveholder Charles Anderson, whose speech followed Lincoln’s at Gettysburg, but was never published. It turned up 140 years later in a cardboard box in Wyoming.
David has given nearly 100 talks to audiences across the country. He appeared on Civil War Talk Radio and other podcasts. He hosts B-List History, a website that features obscure characters and their compelling stories. You may download free pdf versions of his published articles on that website at
David’s new book, published by the University of Tennessee Press, is the biography of German revolutionary and Union General August Willich. His work highlights the contributions of approximately 200,000 German-American immigrants to the Union effort in the Civil War. Transatlantic radicals like Willich viewed the war as part of a much larger, global revolution for social justice and republican government.


Potosi Bus Trip

German American Heritage Center & Museum 712 W 2nd St, Davenport

Join the Scott County Historic Preservation Society & the German American Heritage Center on this fun excursion!

We depart from the GAHC at 9am, return at 5pm.
Join us for a day trip to the Postosi Brewery and National Brewing Museum where we will sample beer, root beer, enjoy a delicious meal, and enjoy a special guided tour of the museum!

$55 for Members
$65 for Nonmembers

Call 563.322.8844 to register!

Meet the Germans

German American Heritage Center & Museum 712 W 2nd St, Davenport

Join the German American Heritage Center in-person on October 16th from 9:30am-12:30pm for "Meet the Germans," a workshop on German culture hosted by Dr. Wolf Koch. This workshop is perfect for anyone interested or preparing to travel to Germany for leisure, work, or studies!

"Meet the Germans" will occur on the 4th floor of the German American Heritage Center, 712 W 2nd St., Davenport IA. The GAHC is continuing to follow CDC recommended masking, social distancing, and sanitizing protocols.

Light breakfast and refreshments will be provided.

Registration is required. Register through Eventbrite.

About the Program:
"Meet the Germans" is a short, three-hour workshop designed for travelers to Germany. It stressed that in order to understand others, we first need to understand ourselves. We will review what others think of us and discuss German personality and behavioral traits to assist in creating win-win situations in our interpersonal relations. We will review what to expect when dining, shopping, driving, etc., provide information on how to ensure that our electronics will work overseas and discuss a list of resources for additional information. The workshop will conclude with a Q+A, addressing any special interest issues not already covered.

About the presenter:
Wolf Koch arrived in this country from a small town on the Rhine River 60+ years ago; a decade later, he was back in Germany for five years as an office in the US Air Force and a partner in a small German engineering firm; he has been back on business and family visits almost annually. While in the Air Force, he had more than 150 subordinates many of whom were away from home for the first time and needed much counseling about living overseas. Almost 50 years ago, while in Germany, Wolf participated in the early development of Personality Inventories which led to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator still in use today. He has used this tool since in team building, corporate training and teaching. Starting in 1991, he became an annual participant and occasional facilitator at the Amoco Management Institute, learning and teaching interpersonal skills necessary for success within a multinational corporation. He managed international engineering projects in Germany and conducted post-installation audits on large international projects during a detour into corporate strategic planning. For the last 25 years, he has been consulting for the petroleum industry on various strategic efforts, including providing counsel to clients in various European countries. Dr. Koch holds Ph.D. and bachelor degrees in chemical engineering and a master's degree in biomedical engineering, was a professor of engineering and taught Engineering Economics, Project Evaluation and Management as part of academic and industrial programs for over 40 years.

Cost of Attendance:
$65 Nonmembers
$50 Members
$40 Students/Teachers with ID

Taking Great Travel Photos

German American Heritage Center & Museum 712 W 2nd St, Davenport

Join the German American Heritage Center in person on October 23rd from 9:30am-12:30pm for "Taking Great Travel Photos"- a travel photography workshop hosted by Wolf and Linnea Koch.

This program will occur on the fourth floor of the German American Heritage Center, 712 W 2nd St., Davenport, IA. The GAHC continues to follow CDC recommendations regarding masking, social distancing, and sanitization.

Light breakfast and refreshments provided.

Registration is required. Register via eventbrite.

About the program:
Taking Great Travel Photos is a workshop which provides an overview of the essential aspects of digital photography. The first part of the seminar focuses on reviewing what is necessary to achieve the artistic vision and expression to turn ordinary snapshots into great photos. It reviews the variables that affect the photographic process, how to control them and will offer suggestions on cameras and other lightweight equipment suitable for travel.

Part 2 of the workshop will take the participant on a journey of how to select unusual images and avoid common stereotypes via real examples, covering landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife and floral with an emphasis on how to express a vision through tools such as composition, light, selective focus, depth-of-field, shutter speed, etc. The simple techniques presented will help you return from your travels with wonderful mementos worthy of sharing with fellow travelers, family and friends.

About the presenters:
This seminar is led by Linnea & Wolf Koch , an unlikely collaboration since Linnea is an artist who has worked in the visual arts field for over 40 years, while Wolf is a practicing engineer, former university professor and occasional photographer. Linnea accompanies him on many of his business trips throughout the country and Europe; together, they visit and photograph local landmarks, historical sites, notable gardens and, more recently, wildlife. They offer numerous presentations on historical as well as photographic subjects and teach photography courses t a local arts academy.

Cost of Attendance:
$65 for Nonmembers
$50 for Members

I Am Baptized: Martin Luther and Birthplace Eisleben

Online with Eventbrite

Program Cost:
$5 per non-member
FREE for members
Learn about GAHC memberships here:

How to Attend:
This program is virtual. Registration is required.
Register through eventbrite.
Eventbrite will provide you with the link to attend the program. Please keep an eye on your email!

About this program:
"I Am Baptised: Martin Luther and Birthplace Eisleben" focuses on the sixteenth-century Great Reformer, his Geburtshaus birthplace and museum in Eisleben, Germany, faith and strong sense of baptismal assurance, and the comforting hues and inspiring architectural artistry of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, where Luther was baptized on November 11, 1483. The presentation features a striking collection of recent on-site photography from Lutherstadt Eisleben (official name: Luther City Eisleben). Presented in its original version as an online sermon during a pastoral vacancy and before an empty sanctuary due to the suspension of public worship during the early months of the pandemic, "I Am Baptized" may have a special appeal for persons interested in history, religion, Lutheranism and the Reformation, Germany, art and architecture, biography, and international travel. The presentation may also provide a peaceful thoughtful pause and timely note of reassurance.

About the presenter:
First presented in 2020, "I Am Baptized: Martin Luther and Birthplace Eisleben" is but one of numerous historical works, public presentations, and scholarly publications in Lutheran, Reformation, German and ethnic German history, and Late Prehistoric Native American archaeology by Russell Baldner. Among the presenter's earliest forays in primary source historical research were German family documents and the original German manuscripts of his family's longtime Lutheran congregation, of which his immigrant great-great-grandfather was one of the four founding members. Baldner's early affection for the German language and history led to BA and MA degrees in history, undergraduate and graduate study in German, a teaching career in German, history, and anthropology/sociology, a lifetime of academic research in those and related fields, and repeated sojourns in ancestral Germany, the first of which being a summer long residence in his great-great-grandfather's birthplace- wo der gute Wein wächst. Baldner has twice presented for the German American Heritage Center (October 2019: "Berlin: Before and After the Wall Fell"; April 2021: "Witches, Kings, and Architectural Charm: Exploring Folklore, Royal Might, and Half-timbered Splendor in Historic Saxon Germany.")

Kinogarten: “M”

Rozz Tox 2108 3rd Ave, Rock Island

Join the German American Heritage Center & Museum at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island for another Kinogarten! Each first Friday*, we partner with Rozz-Tox to host a free screening German language film in the back garden of Rozz-Tox.

On November 12th at 8pm or sundown, we'll be watching: "M"

Considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time, "M" is a 1931 vision from Fritz Lang that tells the story of a city-wide manhunt for a serial killer. Rated PG-13.

German beer, snacks, and standard Rozz-Tox fare available for purchase!

There is no registration required for this event. This event is free to the public.

This event is scheduled to be held outdoors, but may be held indoors due to inclement weather. Please note that masks are requiring inside of Rozz-Tox

*This Kinogarten is held on the second Friday of November due to scheduling conflicts. We apologize for the confusion.


Kinogarten: “Er ist wieder da”

Rozz Tox 2108 3rd Ave, Rock Island

The German American Heritage Center & Museum and Rozz-Tox are teaming up for another Kinogarten! Every first Friday, we partner for a free outdoor film screening of a German language film in the garden of Rozz-Tox, Rock Island.

Join us on Decemer 3rd at 8pm for "Er ist wieder da." (Auf English: "Look Who's Back!")

"Er ist wieder da" is a 2015 comedy in which Adolf Hitler time travels to the 21st century. This film is unrated, but contains some mature language.

Rozz-Tox will be offering special German beers and snacks for sale, in addition to their standard fare.

This event is free and open to the public. No registration required!

The film will be screened in the back garden of Rozz-Tox in Rock Island. In case of inclement weather, it may be moved indoors. Please note that masks are required while indoors at Rozz-Tox.