Sound Mind Sound Body

Another new exhibit opens at the German American Heritage Center, “Sound Mind Sound Body: Turnverein Traditions” from July 1- September 15.

The Turnverein, nicknamed the Turners in the United States, began as a fraternal organization in Germany to find a unified German identity. Focused on physical education, acrobatics, and exercising the mind on civil engagement, the Turnverein became an active fraternal organization in politics, philosophy, and physical education.

Since the early days of Davenport and the Quad Cities, the booming German immigrant population brought with them the teachings and organization of the Turnverein, which fit well with American teachings on liberty. They created both community within the cities, as well as among the German-Americans living there, and quickly became one of the largest and most influential organizations in the region and country. Their teachings of a sound mind in a sound body reverberated within American culture and many of the Turner teachings permeated into schools, politics, and business. Learn about the men and women who brought a cultural identity and successfully introduced it to the American psyche.

The exhibit is on the third floor of the center and included with regular admission:
$5 for Adults
$4 for Seniors
$3 for Children
FREE for Members

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