Houdini: The Magic and Mystery

Come one, come all to the German American Heritage Center as we become a place of mystery, amusement, and magic and explore the man behind the illusions; Houdini! See our brand new exhibit “Houdini: The Magic and Mystery”!

The exhibit will explore the life of Ehrich Weiss, a Hungarian immigrant to the United States, and how he transformed into who we now know as The Great Harry Houdini. Learn about his influences from his mother, Robert Houdin, and even Sir Conan O’Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, and how they shaped the Houdini mythos. Watch in awe at his tricks that made him into the pop cultural phenomenon that nearly all Americans recognize, and learn about the innovations and challenges outside of magic that Houdini succeeded and sometimes failed. Come see the great immigrant experience story told through “Houdini: Magic and Mystery!”

The exhibit will be open from May 28 – November 4

Upcoming events for the exhibit include:

Joker’s Wild Magic Show: June 11, 2 PM 

Magic with David Casas: July 8, 6PM

Children’s Magic Workshop w/ David Casas:  July 9, 2 PM (Limited space! Register now for kids 10 and older!)

Houdini visits the GAHC: September 23, 2PM


Also visit our permanent exhibit The German Immigrant Experience and our temporary exhibit 1917: Winning the War with Industry.