1917: Production


1917, an exhibit on World War I, is a year long exhibit on the third floor of the center. The exhibit will comprise of three parts:

1917: The Red Cross  Jan 22- May 7 

1917: Winning the War with Industry  May 14- Aug 20

1917: Anti German Sentiment; The War between Neighbors   Aug 27- Jan 7

Accompanying the exhibit will be an updating timeline, as well as real time news coverage of the year 1917 on our social media. You can follow the war as it would have happened. Our current exhibit, Winning the War with Industry, discusses the efforts of the Quad City community and Iowa on the home-front. From war bonds, to agriculture, to war time production, achieving victory was the mission for those at home as well as the battlefield.

Also visit our permanent exhibit The German Immigrant Experience and our temporary exhibit Houdini: The Magic and Mistery.